Leadership in the new reality – Catalyzing sustainable growth in the chemical industry

Over the last decade, the Annual GPCA Forum has served as a vital platform for the chemical industry, convening business leaders to address key challenges, recommend effective solutions and share knowledgeable experiences.

Today, we are faced with a new reality – one that is characterized by transformation across economic, social, environmental, and digital considerations. However, embracing a transformation of this magnitude has never been more challenging; hence the importance of pioneering and inspirational leadership cannot be ignored.

Highlighting the importance of an agile and resilient leadership, the conference agenda at the Forum will examine strategies to drive recovery and recalibrate for sustainable growth.

“The world is going through major transformations socially and economically and this is now the time for our industry to take a moment and look at how we can transform. The Annual GPCA Forum provides the best platform for petrochemical leaders and business partners to come together and come up with our future agenda for 2020 and beyond.”



Yousef Al-Benyan, Vice Chairman and CEO, SABIC and Chairman, GPCA


Inaugural and keynote addresses

Inaugural address

Keynote Address:

Saudi Aramco’s diversification drive: What’s next?

Keynote 2:

Beyond COVID-19: Realigning global systems towards a sustainable economy

Dedicated strategic dialogues

Session 1: Strengthening the recovery through value-creation

  • Leadership at work – How has COVID altered the bigger agenda of sustainability?
  • Unlocking the value of innovation: A strategic investment to drive sustainability

Session 2: Beyond the pandemic – The GCC perspective to creating resilient, purpose-driven and high-performing organization

Strategic dialogue:

A key enabler for a purpose-driven, future industry


Masterclass 1:

Leveraging technology post-crisis: The compass to guide new growth

Masterclass 2:

Upskilling and re-skilling of the workforce in the new age of digital transformation

Masterclass 3:

From survival to revival: Rebounding stronger through supply chain resilience

Masterclass 4:

Right-sizing your CAPEX during crisis



Legacy Awards Legacy Awards The second edition of the GPCA Legacy Award “Al-Rowad” (الرّواد) will focus on recognizing industry pioneers who demonstrated transformational leadership contributing to the growth and success of the chemical industry in the Arabian Gulf region. After careful consideration and rigorous selection process, the honoree will be announced and distinguished as an Arabian Gulf Chemical Pioneer and presented with a trophy at a special award ceremony during the 14th Annual GPCA Forum on 4 December 2019 at Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai.

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LoT Leaders of Tomorrow The Leaders of Tomorrow program is an initiative launched by GPCA and with the support of our members, it aims at building the local human capital in the region. The initiative falls under one of the three pillars of the association which is advocacy by promoting STEM and bridging the gap between academia and the industry. Leaders of Tomorrow is considered as the first official collective step where industry stakeholders collaborate in shaping skills and preparing the future industry leaders with the required skills set.

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Innovation Zone Innovation Zone The chemical industry is embracing innovation to usher a new era of growth. In order to stay ahead of the competition chemical companies are rewriting their business models, adopting digitization and diversifying their product portfolios. At the 14th Annual GPCA Forum, we’re proud to introduce a dedicated ‘Innovation Zone’, an inspiring and interactive space for organizations to showcase their latest and innovative solutions and applications that are contributing or have the potential to contribute to the future success of the industry. Learn more Sustainability Zone Sustainability Zone The chemical industry is committed towards contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Governments and businesses have realized the importance of sustainability and are pushing it to encourage the chemical industry to attain a promising, sustainable future. Steadfast in its resolve to support the industry in these endeavours, GPCA is proud to bring back its sustainability initiative on a larger, more enhanced scale this year at the 14th Annual GPCA Forum.

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The untapped potential of the Sino-Saudi cooperation in the petrochemical industry

The petrochemical industry is one of the most robust sectors of hydrocarbon demand and is expected to lead it over the next decades. However, several unforeseen challenges, including COVID-19, have heightened global uncertainties and stalled growth in the region. With this backdrop, China and Saudi Arabia remain committed to explore the untapped potential of the Sino-Saudi collaboration in the petrochemical Industry.



Top 10 digital innovations to disrupt the chemical industry

The Digitalization of the Chemical Industry, 2020

As with all other industries, digital technologies are being rapidly implemented in the global chemical industry. Leading chemical manufacturers globally are closely monitoring process improvements by leveraging digital technologies within their operations. Advances in data processing, network connectivity, sensor technology, and user interface are expected to increase productivity across the chemical value chain.



Innovation in a period of disruption

Market disruptions, especially those like the COVID-19 pandemic, present a significant challenge for all industries, including chemicals. When companies face it, they turn to a survival mode instead of looking for innovation and actively shaping their future.

How can companies confront disruption in an unconventional way, push themselves outside of their comfort zones and change their position with long term impact?



Global circular economy – how achievable is this in a pandemic and low crude oil environment?

Following the wave of outrage at the plastic pollution crisis aimed at parties from governments to the plastics industry, recycling has come to the fore as holding a significant role in creating a circular economy, assisting with improved waste management of plastics.

The rise of regulation and industries, namely FMCGs, commitment to sustainability goals saw a rise in recycling activity and this was set to grow in 2020.




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