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As an industry vital to the modern economy, it is essential that the chemical industry plays a central role in the global transition to a circular economy, increasing both energy and resource efficiency. GPCA is announcing a new initiative to take place during the 13th Annual GPCA Forum aimed at demonstrating the chemical industry’s commitment towards achieving the Global Sustainable Development Goals and enabling a transition towards a circular economy.

In line with this year’s theme ‘Executing Transformation and Investing in Growth’, GPCA, as the voice of the chemical industry in the Arabian Gulf region, is placing greater emphasis on the need for increased plastics recycling in order to re-harness the utility of this valuable commodity. Plastics enable so much of what is now possible in the modern world and it is therefore crucial that their value as a long-term resource is fully recognized.

As major participants in the global chemical industry, GCC producers have a key role to play in positively transforming this industry. Governments and businesses in the region have been quick to grasp the importance of fostering sustainability which must be supported and encouraged to help ensure a more sustainable and therefore brighter future for all.

Sustainability at the 13th Annual GPCA Forum

Supported by ExxonMobil, GPCA is heavily emphasizing on sustainability at this year’s forum. It is crucial that, while campaigning for a greater awareness of sustainability issues within the industry, GPCA embraces the values it espouses – not least in the organization of the Annual GPCA Forum.

Some of the ways in which the event will be more sustainable this year include:

  • ALL the event waste will go to a recycling facility
  • Poken touchpoints will reduce the amount of paper required for event information
  • Recycled water bottles will be given to all delegates and can be filled at water dispensers, which will dramatically cut plastic waste

Sustainability Zone

The forum will feature a Sustainability Zone, showcasing the technologies, techniques and initiatives responsible for transforming the industry by supporting a more sustainable future.

Also featured will be the GPCA’s award winning Waste Free Environment (WFE) project, a community-based environmental awareness and anti-litter campaign organized to promote responsible waste management and recognize the accomplishments and achievements of upstream and downstream companies in the GCC region.