China seminar

 Seminar: Partnering with China: New opportunities 

Conducted by CPCIF and GPCA


15.00-17.45     November 24

Over the past 30 years the booming chemical industries of the GCC and the Middle East have developed in parallel with each other. China has become a major market for the high-quality chemicals and plastics emerging from the Middle East. And joint ventures between GCC companies and Chinese companies have been formed and enjoyed a big degree of success.

Today, however, the map of the petrochemical world is changing, and both GCC and Chinese companies face a series of new challenges in the second decade of the new century. Among these are rising costs both for feedstock as well as environmental protection and labor, and the need to transition from commodity-based businesses to added value enablers of the high-tech industries of the future. A new era of cooperation and trade lies ahead between these two giants of the petrochemical world.

This seminar looks at directions in the Chinese chemical economy, and how these will determine tomorrow’s successful partnerships between China and the Middle East.


-          Li Shousheng, Vice Chairman of China’s chemical association, the CPCIF, will review the development of the Chinese economy, the shifts occurring in the structure of the Chinese chemical industry, and the need for partnerships with GCC companies to advance China’s chemical agenda

-          Speeches from China and the GCC will examine the factors that make for successful China-GCC partnerships

-          Finally, panelists from China and the GCC will engage in a wide-ranging discussion about the outlook for cooperation, trade, and new joint ventures between the two regions.