2013 Delegate Feedback

What did our attendees have to say about the 8th Annual GPCA Forum in 2013 ?

“A global conference like this one is important for our industry, which must continue to innovate to meet the growing demand for chemicals.  With close to 2,000 attendees from countries around the world, there is no better group to share ideas on chemical innovation than the people gathered at this conference.  And there is no better venue than the Gulf region — a hub for the global petrochemical trade”

Stephen D. Pryor, President, ExxonMobil Chemical Company


“With our growing presence in the Middle East and Asia via our Joint Venture with ADNOC, Borouge, the GPCA is a “must attend” event for us. It enables excellent networking opportunities with all of our significant partners and has developed into a truly global meeting place”

Mark Garrett, CEO, Borealis


“Competitiveness requires a change in attitude. Innovation and technological leadership are the way to go and the driving forces which can secure a strengthened environment to the chemical business worldwide”

Meeting up at GPCA and sharing the views on this subject from the top-notch organizations this industry can pride itself on is the real thing.”

Daniele Ferrari, CEO, Versalis